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Times Are Getting Bad All Around


I had been living in my house for nearly 10 years before I even thought about getting a security system. Even though I live in Houston, crime is relatively low in the area that I live in. However, it seems that times are changing, and I knew that it was inevitable. Given the chance of having a security system and being protected or clinging to a past that is long gone, it just made sense to start my search for a reliable and inexpensive company. That is how I found Houston ADT Security, after an extensive online search.

I was really happy with everything that I read about this company. First off, the price was very attractive to me. While I am not hurting for anything, I am still on a fixed income. I have what I do because I am careful with my purchases and do not do anything extravagant. This security system definitely is not that. While it is top of the line, the equipment is not expensive nor is the monitoring service for it. (more…)

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