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She Needed to Have Access to the Internet


When my sister moved to Michigan with her three kids, I knew that she was going to finally be happy. She had left her husband after years of neglect, and he didn’t even seem to mind that she was taking their kids hundreds of miles away. I was just happy for her, and I wanted to help her as much as I could because I knew that she didn’t have much. The first thing I did was check out the satellite Internet availability in Michigan. She moved to a very rural area, and I knew that cable Internet would not be an option.

She told me she would be okay without Internet, but I was also hoping to get her a position in the same company that I work for. I am able to work from home full time, and it just makes life so much easier for me. I knew that it would make it a whole lot better for her too, especially since her youngest son is not even in kindergarten yet. (more…)

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