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Creating Your Own Logo Might Make Your Business Look Bad


Graphic Design, Editing, and Copy Writing.A new business or one just taking off has an owner, founder or other principle who has been around from the beginning. This person knows all the little details of what makes the business work. He or she is the one who gets the job done when others think it cannot be done or are too slow getting work done. This person is convinced that there is no one else who knows this business better. However, when it comes to logos, it is not often that a winning design is made by those intimately involved with the business.

Logos are creative designs. Not every business owner or founder is artistically creative. What he or she thinks looks like a fantastic idea for a logo, just might be something that brings ridicule and lost revenue to a business. Famous logos that stick in the minds of consumers are simple yet real perfection in graphic design. Logos are not supposed to be intricate or take a long time to read. A good logo should be instantly recognizable from a distance. Sure, it takes some time for the logo of a business to get associated with the company in the minds of consumers. However, once it is established, it should be permanent.

Logos should be like jingles. There are some jingles we remember from childhood. We recognize the music and the words instantly, and we associate them with a specific product or company. Those jingles have an appeal to us regardless of whether or not we even like or use the actual products or company services. A logo should be like that. A good logo can be like that if it is made by someone who knows these fundamental things about company logo design.

Good graphic designers who specialize in logos for companies take the time to get to know the nuts and bolts of the business. They get a strong idea of what the company is really about. That mission, that goal, that direction a company is all about can be distilled down into a simple yet elegant design that is a logo. However, there are few owners or founders that have the talent to make such powerfully designed logos on their own or in-house.

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