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High Speed Internet for Home Use is Just Getting Faster and Faster


At home there is nothing like high speed Internet for keeping the family electronics fueled with content. Did you know that even if you get satellite TV, the service will still use your Internet connection to download some content? Kind of funny how they bash on cable when cable Internet is the fastest. You can get up to 150 kbps download speeds with some connections. That is faster than the residential fiber optic Internet services that are offered. Comparably, with dial-up Internet, it is like a race car against one of those coaster racers many of us built as kids.

Just about everything connects to the Internet nowadays. All of it is using bandwidth. Even some appliances now connect to the Internet. There are cars that use an Internet connection to report fault codes and regular maintenance reminders and probably the record keeping of them being done. At home with tablets, desktops, laptops, game consoles, cell phones, other gaming devices, security systems and cameras, televisions, picture cameras and so much more having wireless Internet access, it is important to have the fastest Internet possible. However, you don’t want to pay an arm and leg for high speed Internet.

There are some really good deals out there, especially for new customers switching over from another service. Sometimes you can get a year’s wort of Internet for super low prices simply for agreeing to be a customer for a set length of time. We have the top tier in Internet speed at our house and never have lags or bandwidth issues. Everything works optimally all the time. We do not wait for pages to load, videos to buffer or have lags in online game playing through the game console. Downloading programs is fast even if they are several gigabytes in size. Music streaming runs perfectly hour after hour. We can even watch live TV streamed without hiccups. It works really good.

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