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Just Found the New Place


At least it is the place I am going to buy if things work out the way that I am expecting that it should. The place is well within my means, in fact I could probably buy a car that costs this much on top of the house. It is not in the greatest location, but that is not important to me. The only thing I cared about that was whether or not you could get broadband internet there. You can, from Frontier Internet. In fact they offer FiOS tv packages as well in this part of the world. I was planning on getting a satellite package at first, because I figured that would be the only real option, but I will get a choice and I guess I shall ask the locals if the FIOS works very well. I have heard pretty good things about it in general, but of course the secret to every internet plan is how well the provider executes the tech involved in it. It matters who does a job and if they can do a job.

At any rate I do not need anything aside from the internet being available at the moment. I need to be able to set up a virtual office system on my computer, which allows me to work securely while I am at the house. I have to go in to the office two or three times a month and the office is about an hour and ten minutes away from here. This place is fine for conducting my business travel from. I spend around half of my life out on the road. The usual drill is for me to take off on a Monday or a Tuesday and then be gone for something around a week or so.

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