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My Sister’s New Children Will Be Much Safer with a New Alarm System


My sister recently had twins, and she lives alone. She asked me if I would be interested in moving to her city to live with her so that I could help her out, and she would pay me to look after the babies while she works. However, she had been renting the home she is now living in for two years, and in that short time she has told me about many different break-ins and other close calls in the neighborhood. I stated I would move in if she would pay for a security system. I visited on the Internet and looked over it so that I could relay the information I found on it to her.

My sister was at first worried about the cost of any type of security equipment since she now has new babies. But I explained to her that without proper security, I would not feel safe living with her because of all the stories she had shared with me about her neighborhood. If I did not move in and she was forced to go through an agency to find a nanny, she would need to pay a lot more to the agency for the service than the amount she planned to pay me. So, getting the place secured would be much cheaper in the long run. Not only that, it was important that she and her kids are safe at all times as well, and you cannot put a price on that. She agreed with me.

We were both pleased to find out just how inexpensive an alarm is. I found a promo code on the page that allowed my sister to sign up for a plan that comes with the control panel to run the alarm correctly, and the price is under ten bucks per month. She said if she had known it was that inexpensive, she would have had one installed years ago.

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