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Settling in at the New Place


I have a nice little place about a mile and three quarters from the campus. It is a tiny house that sits across the street from a Baptist Church and they have a basketball court around back behind the church’s fellowship hall. I heard some guys up there one night and I figured out that they played up there pretty regularly. It is pretty nice court and they play pretty hard. I was going to order Centurylink, but it turns out that the preacher at this church is a pretty nice guy and they have a wireless internet. I do not really need that much internet and I am using it when they are not there. I am at school every day from around 7 AM to some point in the afternoon, depending upon what day of the week it is. Of course I am a teaching assistant and a grad student. Of course I had to create a hot spot to pick up the wi fi from the church and I cut a deal with them.

It is a pretty fair deal for me, because the money that they would charge me for internet service is enough for me to eat a couple of days each week. What I do for them is pretty simple, they need help with their computer system. It is nothing big, but I am going to help them with a little bit of web design and do a few other small things. It is nothing that is all that big of a deal. I have even been getting a few free meals out of it. I go over there at night to lend a hand and they happen to have pizza or they are making a great big thing of pulled barbecue. It is not like I can refuse.

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