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Started Working on My Personal Blog


Started working on my personal blog this morning. I have been doing some really mediocre work at reviewing the internet providers available in this area. In fact I was thinking that maybe I could talk the ISP’s in the area in to giving me free internet so that I could review it personally. Obviously it is impractical for me to buy them all and use it for a long enough period of time to really give a good review. So I state before the fact which ones I have actually used and then I report on the experience that others have had. It is a good thing to get traffic and interaction from, because you have a big interest in the topic. This is not like it is something that you can live without in the modern era and you have to talk about the different types of the services now. All of the people in the world have internet and want to get the best deal on it for their needs. The thing is that a lot of people do not use it the same way.

For instance there are a lot of young people who do not get internet for their house or apartment. In fact that sort of device has become a bit out of step with the younger generation. They are more about smart phone and tablets or mobile devices. It is not like you can find a young person who does not have a phone these days, but of course they limit the amount of data that you can use on most cell phone plans. It is too expensive for a lot of people to use only their own smart phone plans for the internet. So they try to use free sources of wi fi a lot.

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