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The Secrets to Great Logos


Logos | PocatrazaIn my previous career, I worked as a page designer, creating graphics and logos for print publications. It was a wonderful experience, and a time of great creativity. Though I finished an MBA program and moved on to another career, I will never forget the lessons I learned as a graphic designer.

When it comes to great looking logos, it is good to remember that less is more. Cluttered logos are usually not effective in conveying any kind of message. When one thinks of great logos, the Nike swoosh or the Apple icon immediately comes to mind. This is because these are simple, clean logos that are extremely versatile. These iconic logos are the standard that designers should strive for.

Secondly, a good designer should not be afraid to use color. A good logo doesn’t have to look like a rainbow, but it has been proven that consumers respond to color, so it should be used effectively in a logo. Additionally, good logo design can adapt to different color schemes, as per the examples of Nike and Apple.

Next, a designer should talk with the client to understand their needs, but should not be afraid to try something else. Company executives are not always known for being particularly creative, that is why they hired the designer to create the logo. Though they may have some idea of what they like, they may not be able to express it in terms the designer would understand. Also, a designer should prepare for rejection. Companies may know more about what they do not want as opposed to what they do want.

Finally, save some for later. If some of your logos are rejected, simply set them aside. A friend of mine designs logos for a living, and always saves those that are rejected. You never know when a client will walk through the door wanting something another client did not.

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